No thanks, I'm not looking to explore the deeper layers that might come up during such a journey

April 8th - 13th


Manifesting through ceremony and deep connection with the universe.


Openning the portals of the worlds through setting, intention and divining with Spirit.


Using the power of intention to manifest the reality and embodiment you desire.

Schwarz Washed Wand


This is a living breathing Tantric Experience.

Your privacy is important, and who we accept into the container is important.

We do wish everyone could come, but energetically and vibrational alignment for this type of work is important. 

For creating a space of deep healing and transformation.



Image by Boudhayan Bardhan


Aphrodite (Greek) - The beautiful Goddess of love and fertility. No man could resist Aphrodite when she wore her magic girdle. Her name means foam born or raised from foam as she was birthed from the churning sea.

This  Tantric Temple  is for you if...

  • Bringing the SACREDNESS back into our EROTIC EXPRESSION

  • A space where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and nothing is EXPECTED

  • A TANTRIC wonderland where SEX is not the focus, and we dive into DEEP SACRED SEXUALITY PRACTICES to heal, to breath pleasure into our bodies, and celebrate life itself.

  • Community space where we learn and grow together in the expression of PRAYER, RITUAL AND INTENTION

YES! I want to go DEEPER

No thanks, I'm not looking to explore the deeper layers that might come up during such a journey

Erotic Prayer is an evolution that merges the depth of vulnerability available in a SACRED SEXUALITY retreat with the expansion of what's possible when we come together as a collective community, holding space for what moves and allowing LIFE FORCE to be our PRAYER

In this EROTIC PRAYER intensive we take you on a deep dive into the TRANS-PERSONAL EXPERIENCE,  COMMUNITY BUILDING & EROS

How do we eat together, live together, be intimate together and channel LIFE FORCE together?  We will use RITUAL and SEX MAGICK as our guiding force.   Channeling the whole experience into a greater purpose.  Tuning into our EROS and expanding with tools for communication, group shadow work, service/surrender.

“This is for an awakening of mind, body, spirit.   Utilizing eros with prayer and intention.”

Your body is but a LOVE STORY, between you and spirit.  Every person, every gift, every loss and pain part of your path for one reason only, to bring you back to LOVE.

EROS was the god of love & desire. … In classical sculpture, Eros was depicted as a winged child or infant, usually drawing a bow or in the company of Aphrodite.

This journey is crafted to explore aspects of RITUAL and INTENTION to ultimately serve our SEXUALITY in a way that aligns with our PURPOSE.

Each of us is on a PERSONAL journey, but collectively we grow.  We are utilizing this experience to EMBODY a deeper layer of INTIMACY, TRUST and COMMUNITY.

How do we join FORCES, without the typical narrative of SEXUAL NEEDINESS? 

How do we show up for LOVE?  For VULNERABILITY?  For PURPOSE?

will be opening us up to new pathways of embodied understanding, looking at how societal conditioning has disconnected us from our TRUE NATURE.   

Learning to LOVE yourself deeper means getting in touch with deeper layers of your BODY, learning to harness the capabilities of pleasure, REQUIRES doing some inner work releasing PAIN, TRAUMA and RAGE from the body.

LEARNING to feel into yourself, finding your BOUNDARIES and EXPLORING CONSENT so you can clearly communicate your DESIRES.





This immersive SACRED TEMPLE will open up new doorways of possibilities.  How you connect to your VITAL LIFE FORCE, to grow and expand past simply SEX for fun, when we set INTENTION to manifest MAGICK.  We create a platform for HEALING & EXPANDED STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

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YES PLEASE!  I want to go DEEPER...

No thanks, I'm not looking to explore the deeper layers that might come up during such a journey

Meet Your Facilitator


Embodied Facilitator

Sprout has been crafting Tantric Temples for the past 3 years, exploring the line between a SACRED TEMPLE & EROTIC PRAYER


EROS - The Greek god of LOVE…  Eros was a god of PASSION & PHYSICAL DESIRE.

In the TANTRIC TEMPLES of INDIA, there are erotic depictions in which the disciples on the Tantric Path would have to study for months and months, until all SEXUAL DESIRE had disappeared, only at this time were they allowed into the Temple.

Creating a Temple for collective sexual healing, shadow work, and integrating our SOUL.  Liberating and freeing ourselves, not by avoiding our SEXUAL ENERGY, by going directly into it, through PRAYER, RITUAL & INTENTION.

Sprout is here to help give you the tools so you can meet the next edge of your LIBERATION.

Creator of

Erotic Prayer

“On this journey of sexual expression, we owe it to ourselves to deepen both our understanding of ourselves, our MIND, BODY & SOUL 

The SPIRITUAL path is not separate from SEXUALITY

As we awaken our SOUL, we uncover our TRUE source of POWER."



YES PLEASE!  I want to go DEEPER...

No thanks, I'm not looking to explore the deeper layers that might come up during such a journey

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