No thanks, I'm not looking to increase pleasure and passion in my sexuality.


March 25th-27th


Being bound by life, our deepest longing is to fully SURRENDER.   When we give ourselves permission to let go, we allow life to PENETRATE us FULLY



Being SUBMISSIVE does not mean being weak, being DOMINANT is a form of devotion.



Using the power of intention to manifest the reality and embodiment you desire.

Tantra meets BDSM

Exploring the light and the dark of our EROTIC EXPRESSION involves creating a SAFE CONTAINER. Where we are safe to explore, open up and enjoy the journey.


Bringing in tools from Tantra and weaving them with SACRED BDSM journey will be opening us up to new pathways of embodied understanding, the adventure isn't some intense painful experience in which we do not consent to.

This journey is about opening up, empowering the exploration of PLEASURE mixed with PAIN. Looking at how societal conditioning has disconnected us from our TRUE NATURE.

This immersion is for you if...

You're looking for a way to spice up the bedroom

You are interested in weaving the rituals of tantra with your naughty mind

You're looking to figure out how to create more passion in your erotic potential

There is a part of you that wants to surrender to god and be fucked open

YES! I’m excited to own my POWER!

No thanks, I'm not looking to increase pleasure and passion in my sexuality.

You have fear of your inner animal and want to explore conscious ways to let loose

Dark Eros: The Initiation! is the step in the right direction to embodying the dark feminine and the dark masculine.  The primal force of life, desire, passion, power and pleasure.


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Meet Your Facilitator


Embodied Facilitator

Sprout has been diving deep into the collective SHADOWS through deepening his own connection through SPIRITUALITY & SEXUALITY.

Through exploring the deepest rooted TRAUMA, FEARS, SHAME, GUILT and EXCITEMENTS, he’s now dedicated to expanding and liberating the human condition which is confined by thoughts, beliefs, fear, shame, and guilt that no longer serve us.

From exploring Tantric Temples in India to BDSM Dungeons in Spain.  Learning Shibari as a sacred medium for deepening TRUST & SURRENDER.

Sprout is here to help give you the tools so you can meet the next edge of your LIBERATION.

Creator of

Dark Eros

“On this journey of sexual expression, we owe it to ourselves to deepen both our understanding of ourselves, our MIND, BODY & SOUL 

The SPIRITUAL path is not separate from SEXUALITY

As we awaken our SOUL, we uncover our TRUE source of POWER."



Spaces will fill up soon...

Don't Miss Out!

Join me on this journey.
Allow yourself to witness the PROFOUND exploration when we let go and find ourselves as ENERGETICALLY POWERFUL.



YES! I’m excited to own my POWER!

No thanks, I'm not looking to increase pleasure and passion in my sexuality.


What do you get?

• Practices to create more SEXUAL PASSION in relationships • Deepening understanding of your yes’s and no’s • Becoming your own BOUNDARY FIELD • Deeper understanding of your dominant and submissive archetypes • How to relax into deeper states of SURRENDER • Liberation of your SEXUAL DESIRES • How to create safety while exploring your edges • How to COMMUNICATE desires

What you won't get!

• A sexual experience • Touched in any non-consensual wayS • feeling EXCLUDED
, all of you is accepted • Shamed for your sexuality


BDSM isn’t about leather, whips, and ball gags. Although it can be, the fundementals have a much deeper framework of understanding. Let yourself come alive in this intensive where we will share tools to help you let-go of shame, fear, and guilt that is holding you back from embracing all aspects of yourself, your nature, and your erotic imprint. Fear: the number one thing holding us back from the excitement of life. Your SEXUALITY is a key component to your POWER. Bound by life, we yearn for the safety to completely let go, taken aback by BLISS & PLEASURE. To FULLY SURRENDER at the hands of another, takes skill and practice. With INTENTION & ATTENTION, we weav3 our desire with the subconscious scripts. This event is designed to create a safe space to explore different dynamics and archetypal expressions that connect to your sexuality. This Workshop dives into topics such as: Shame Why do we have shame that limits our exploration of desires? Guilt Why do we feel guilty for our desire for others? Fear Fear and excitement are actually the same feeling. And it's a feeling you can control. Every single time you feel afraid, you can feel EXCITED instead. ... Any moment you feel like giving up or backing down because it's not within your ability... …these are all moments when you can USE FEAR TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Sensations Pain and pleasure are nothing but a threshold of sensations, when we learn to ride the waves we embrace the bandwidth of PLEASURE we have available to us. Bondage Being bound by life, we yearn for the safety to completely let go, taken aback by BLISS & PLEASURE.


Castle in UBUD

Who is this for?

- Anyone who wants to deepen understanding of POWER, PASSION & POLARITY

- Singles or Couples

What is the Initiation?

The Initiation is basically a level 1 of Dark Eros, weaving Tantra with Sacred BDSM. This will have plenty of hands on experience to embody the transmissions and become more clear on the how to hold the polarity between Dominant or Submissive roles.

This is built with 3 intentions:
1. To give you the deep transmissions and ability to hold SACRED SPACE as a dominant in the field of BDSM 2. To create a permission field to explore deeper states of SURRENDER and SUBMISSION
2. To give you the core framework of BDSM with deep Tantric Rituals
- Consent Work
- Archetypal Exploration
- D/S Exploration
- Resilient Edge of Resistance (where pain and pleasure meet in BLISS) - Tantric Rituals that merge the light and the dark

Level 2 will be the continuation and being able to deepen the practice learned through level 1.

Learn how your

will link to your journey of 

and vice versa. 

We bring this into space to integrate the darkness and bring it into the light, igniting our


allowing our being to

Learning to deeper

means getting in touch with deeper layers of your BODY, learning to harness the capabilities of pleasure, REQUIRES doing some inner work releasing PAIN, TRAUMA AND RAGE from the body.

We will start be riding a WAVE, starting with exploring what you want and then begining to explore what you don't want.



Erotic Fantasies


Feel more

Love yourself





YES! I’m excited to own my POWER!

No thanks, I'm not looking to increase pleasure and passion in my sexuality.

BDSM is not some new sexual practice

Recent studies devoted to understanding BDSM and its effects on the body have shown surprising results. Not only are researchers failing to find evidence of harm BDSM causes, but they are also discovering it actually has quite a few health benefits.


The study subjects in the BDSM group felt more secure in their relationships and had an increased sense of well-being. They were more conscientious toward others, more extroverted, and more open to trying new experiences. They also had decreased anxiety and were less sensitive to others' perception.


Research has shown BDSM participants enter an altered level of consciousness similar to the meditative state yoga practitioners experience or the marathoner’s “runner's high.” It is commonly known these activities can benefit health by helping lower our levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Participation in BDSM may have the same effects.

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